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Professional Home & Commercial Cleaning Services

We clean and disinfect your kitchen and bathrooms, dust throughout your home, empty garbage and vacuum & mop all floors.

Our professional cleaners bring their own equipment and use eco-friendly products

All residential and industrial  cleaning is handled by a team of expert cleaners. Whatever your cleaning project, our expert cleaning staff delivers the best service for a comprehensive range of cleaning jobs,.

Service Overview

We offer a range of general cleaning solutions, including:

Residential Cleaning
Office Regular Cleaning
Office Floor Cleaning
Home or Office Deep Cleaning

Service Quality

We recognize the right of employees and everyone as individual to work and/or be in a state of healthy and safe environment. We also acknowledge our responsibility to work within excising safety standards & regulations. As far as the handling of chemical substances goes, we are led by the instruction issued by the SABS regarding the use of products that are registered by the Dept. of Agriculture according to Act 36of 1947 as amended.

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Pest control or pest management is a process wherein one eliminates or manages unwanted creatures like pests. Some of the vermin remove by pest control are rodents, cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, poisonous spiders, and many more.

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